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Advanced Data Management and Analysis Tools

Back Office Express Data Acquisition and Management Based on the industry leading and proven Cleartone Police Back Office, the Cleartone Data Management Suite provides Highly Scaleable, Robust and flexible data acquisition and management for commercial organisations and Goverment agencies alike.

With its advanced data agnostic structure the Cleartone Data Management Suite allows the acquisition of multiple data types from numerous sources into a single scaleable system. This combined data can then be analysed using the industry leading analytical tools and reproduced in flexible reporting toolsets to allow rapid and informed business decisions to be made, whether operationally or logically.

Cloud Ready, the Cleartone DMS can be hosted in a secure, fully managed environment providing a cost effective, secure and hassle free organisation wide data management solution.

Main Features at a glance
  • Data Agnostic Design allows the easy combining of data from multiple sources
  • Highly scaleable and flexible. Dynamically grows with your organisational needs.
  • Latest Technology provides rapid delivery of services.
  • Can be Local or Cloud Hosted
  • Advanced and Expandable Analytical Toolkits
  • Easily Regionalised for global customers