Police. Government. Commercial.

Advanced, High Performance In Car ANPR Solutions

Rugged, Durable, Dependable
ANPR. Video. Speed Detection.
Encased in Rugged Metal cases, Cleartone In-Car ANPR Solutions are designed to work in the most exacting of mobile environments.

Built on the INTEL ™ CORE i processors, delivering the power and performance necessary to meet the stringent requirements of Mobile Data Terminals in Emergency Service Vehicle, the Cleartone In-Car ANPR Solutions are available as complete vehicle solutions.

Multi-Channel ANPR
Multiple ANPR Cameras.
With the Cleartone In-Car ANPR solution multiple ANPR Cameras can be monitored and controlled in real time. Delivering LIVE ANPR Data to connected Back Offices over 3G, 4G and WiFi.
Live Video Recording
With the optional Mobile Video System, the In-Car solution becomes a continuous video recording facility capturing continous video from selected cameras in a rolling loop of up to 14 day, with the ability to generate video clips from multiple cameras based on triggers such as 999 or manual record, or select by date and time.

Captured and selected video clips can then be exported to the Cleartone Video Management Suite for use as evidence.

Additional Plugin Modules
Additional Plug In Modules to make the complete Mobile Data Solution include
  • Mapping
  • PUMA Speed Meter
  • Mobile Portal

For further information on the Cleartone In Car Solutions or any other Cleartone product please contact us on the details below.